Aviator glasses
the whole damn sexual deal – and she walks with a mightily fine honed ‘n’ toned pep in her prepped step – she is otherworldly by nature

A stranger with deep-sea stormed devotion on out there
This bleach blonde over-embellished hair,
lick and nuzzle to follow, fall and whisper sweet nothings, nestled right by her pin-pricked and listening ear

Bejewelled to the bristling bone, she can see something sensationally spectacular

And we – all of us, each aside every next one of us, want to undeniably feel every next piece

She is my motorcycle bike hero – outlandishly fashioned by rock ‘n’ roll design

All of us, one of a sumptuous kind, albeit breaking our borderline brains to make up the imaginative difference

She is a heavenly creature, a blessedly descriptive picture pressed all too proudly against
Your everything

Of thunderstruck perfection…

Of bespoke,
beestung-lipped scripture
And we owe her the whole wide world, spun like crazy on a dastardly axis

…roping ourselves right the way back

One memorably magnificent kiss per time

He made her his when least suspecting
Almost never nearly mine
And the perfect storm forms to uncover her uniform and nakedly collide