Told a thousand women a thousand different names
Easier that way
All part of his game
A resolute reputation intact
He always steps away from the blame
Shame really
Once he met a woman he really liked
But it turned out too late to think about asking her out on a date
He’d already gone about introducing himself as ‘Mike’
Pity because she had a heart of gold
As well as being oh so pretty
How was he going to sort this one out
Give her a shout, reveal what he was all about
Tell her that he had once been a player
That if she took his hand right this minute she would be all there was
No two-timing, not to mention the prostitutes
Even though he gave her the eye from time to time
He seemed to get ridiculously shy
When it came to telling her the truth when they bumped into one another
His voice got caught in an almighty slur
“How are you Mike, we sure had a nice time”
Sublime, he thought
But he’d have to learn from his mistake, ought to know better than that
As soon as she turned in the other direction
He clocked another pretty girl
Placed out his hand, dropped his cigarette and introduced himself as ‘Pat’