When we were fiercely young we took our tense and tired, forever Upright torsos and mercifully boded our mother’s rarest fareWELL..

Awhile ALL our encyclopaedic eyes did caution themselves at the bare-essential size of our hOURLy and derogatory delight—

An expression which will still STAND WITh him til the very END… …

How then… when?! Can we ever get to cater to our greatest… fondest… … fondLED memories…

of one such time when a TOME of tone-enhanced GOODness

began, to mercilessly DEMONstrate… from my Lover’s eyes through/TRUE TO MINE: “oh, My” – have we really felt EverysingleThing &atpredominantlypedestrianised pACE.

Never a question, just a reciprocated FEELING… I guess.