If they dropped

inside of an ocean

… of paused momentum then they possibly ached to behave akin to
Lopsided and upside down CriminAlS anyway, and “if” she’s —-

“diluted herself with enough OTTop forgiveness”
—- For Now
It’s a DAMN-blasted beautifully fine thing ToActuallySee: “we won’t wanna curtail the high-minded, pileDRIVEN, MEREeager-thoughts which makeUS MAGICALLY ENHANCED any more

Than we won’t ever wanna
Act utterly profanelyInsaNeLy this t!me.”

The thing is this, THOUGH… that they can do a thousand-different-things in under a hundredANDnone-translatable-minutes. And eVeN if the patterns At Play really are — of their own Dostoyevskian pathway(s) then

What was s\he (ever even) thinking about when s\he shouted IT ((all)) OUT at the TOPof her layabout-Lungs: “I’m all strung_out!!” And meaning to unceremoniously behave Like.

A modernised version of a ModernDay misBEHAVING someBODY(..)