We wish for happiness to envelope him whole, of course we do
For these formative days to play on his every imagination – with Daddy’s old corroded bucket at hand, Nana’s EuroSaver spade, he appears at one with a most giving Mother Nature
The fixture list goes on, mud-soaked to let us realise the jovial smile by the conclusion for its heady worth alone – shall do its best to tuck him on up showered and neat inside of his beloved Spiderman bed, he said he saved a couple of the nastier worms for Grandpa’s fishing excursion come Sunday high-noon/high because the ol’ lad’s taken to the green for medicinal purposes
A separate excitement of their shared and settled own
He peers through the pawed at grubby shed window and throws a loose thumb at the air – A-OK
When I see it all magnificently unravel, travel immediately from his young untouched eyes to mine
Love holds no barriers but for the broken prize-winning daffodil right by the water pond, yellow crushed petals everywhere