They weren’t really diversifying their intended lives, were not even being these (affordably) loveable people who do wish to communicate to the damn-blasted masses living within their

Puppetry-of-MinD anyway(!) We’ve steered ourselves in a sudden-most DiRecTioN of improbable cReaTion. When will we, INDEED, break it ALL down to bare

Bliss-filled happiness alONE, though(?) They seemed… to wish to (want to) fIT-iN without even listening to the stark, harsh, fiction-FILLED reAliTy of a peripheral somebody / who cannot even understand having never actually underSTOOD —

This SECONDARY, TERTIARY way to make listening mean Anything (else) THAT THEY WON’T REALLY LIKE anyway.

“They DON’T like how it doubts itself to the death, though, and they do not like how
The failure to diversify their mollycoddled lIvEs caused it all to CreaTiVeLy COEX!ST… (Only) Mostly Inside of Their GHOSTLY-both-ghastly heads.”

That bare-naked battle to Belong… to a fruitful process meant to break its own back {actually…} only in a MOSTLY

Delightfully progressive instance, plEASE(!!) And “THANKS FOR OFFERING US THE WHOLE-WIDE-WORLD INSIDE OF OUR

Counterattacking MinD(s) (yet again)(!!)” Because, way we see it

It’s been The GrEaTesT GaMe oF TetrisLIKE SURVIVAL OF A MOSTLY mollycoddled Mind. As these commonFACED mistakes Mean To (lather themselves with wisdom and) MeanDer and make —-

“People feel physically real.” And not just a common ******* meNtaL CONundrum about to make Less and Less SenSe to themselves(…) .