There is this fairly rammed-home insinuation which seethes and reels itself off TIME AGAINAnd softlyAgainstThe face of commonplace industry, these whipsmart, UPstart characterizations b-u-i-l-t by the brawn-of-brain —
Of these r-h-a-p-s-o-d-i-c-a-l-l-y AwArE PEOPLE: Who DO indeed believe themselves to have b-e-e-nNothing but for… perhaps… EVERYthing(!?)
That WILL be what we m-i-g-h-t like to W-I-S-H to call… … CrEaTiVe CONsideration meets with utter and considerate unpredictability..
With this PRIORITIZED PAINTBrush captured with-in her twist of READIED wrist/FIST!!, it w-i-l-l inevitABLY read its own artisticALLy enhanced rights!! Go graciously into the night!! UP ALL OF IT… wits wonderfully well spl—it…

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