Frankly, her nerves need not have mattered so very much anymore. Sophistication and downright nurtured professionalism the ruling of protocol for now- critical instances of hidden pain and panache which will bravely withstand all kinds of capricious agony.

To be dutifully daring and enthusiastically both dangerously disobedient would be to uncharacteristically cross-examine and adventurously contradict her every each trained mannerism.

To continue to casually conquer the blindside impossible pile-drive pirouette amid an antagonised build-up of boundless and contorted pain must mysteriously manage at causing an alternative audience to bolster and jovially implore itself to swim: from desirably within the inner reaches of their every each mesmerised imagination.

Their ever-changing faces inevitably painted in a kaleidoscope of inescapable colors:
Called bewilder and awe

The gathered pamphlet gripped within their hands had promised something rather measured and otherworldly.. A palpitation of propellor-like words put upon a plain white blank page.

Brought to life and twice as flighty. Above, before, a theatre of paperback people