“With Our DelIcately MisPlaCed Dreams Leant Breathlessly Against The Precipice Anyway”

When the worst thing we could do is make places of Pureness and PRESTIGE as fattened and far reeeaching IN FACT “inside of our mollycoddled minds.” It’s high on theirNOT TO DO: “list, actually, as we spit venomous understandings in their tasteless faces again.” We’ve been

Outright mightily spritely individual CONcoctions with our over exaggerations making…. Hindsight happiness kinds-a sense. “Again… .” We’ve been trying as we might NOT to succeed at elegantly enticing faceless characters to the exact sane scene of the ‘poem’ — when it’s NOT that thing —-> with its perched UpSiDe down Necessities

She’s just in it for the eventual BalanCed reckonings actually inside of her UTTERLY UNMENTIONABLE HEAD. When “WOOPS!!!” We said it AGAIN… and we STILLdid it:: we nervously erred on the side of making marvellous forthright character-laden mIst_aKes, please. They tried to understand utter

Abstraction amidst AcTuaL lazy minded realisations, and when she tends to her very own”ifs” and “buts” that’s EXACTLY when we will need to

___ take a freshFACED step back, please, and inevitably both eventually: “enjoy the inside outs of our very “NEXT(!!!)” sentence/s.” When pressure IS PRIVILEGE AND WE STAND ON THE EDGE..

Of a Precipice Called: “endless delirium.” And why? But plain and none too sIMPLY because: “we managed to make ourselves wider than the (wholeWIDE) world inside of our MAKE-relief/belief minds.”