What if.. they entered their names in all of these utterly upside wound eventual events? And what if, though, they didn’t even know

“How the hell to kneel themselves down again ++ and go at this thing at purely prioritised pace(?)” Zigging and Zagging, they’ve been

Neanderthals with tallest of orders at heart actually. They were “seemingly incessantly “exceptional” individuals only ever by their own headSTRONG= “WRONG(!!)” Reckoning.

And if we really wanna” tell the tallest of tales in the whole wild universe then let’s let us JUST DO IT ✔️: hard, HEAVY, and harshly as aforesaid “HELL!!”, please. When their deadlocked dream\s was/were all+of+it+ours/theirs and we WENT AND lured our flabbergasted minds into an equally false sense of INTENTIONAL delirium.

It’s a rough old fakeAsF*cK(!) TradeOFF=game {which} they play and they were ++ endlessly loved UP entitlements when they were given… “the {age of the} stage and to never-EVER-LEAVE (it) <>:: and perched aforesaid ENDLESSLY Left Of cEntral, maybe(!?)”