There will always be ways back in – these wondrous and wholly opinionated ways which have to have been ultimately driven by unguarded aside unashamed circumstance.

These characteristically enhanced peoples of undeniable radiance and carrying with them this uttermost unstoppable hitherto; a mightily plagiarized amalgamation of bone-dry wit

.. When its beating stop/start heart again gets placed indiscriminately alongside severely over-reactive comeuppance, indeed.

Yet, ever still, these ‘plain white blank people’ will shush themselves and to the excruciating point of complete pre-awareness. And attempting at fair whimsical pace in failing..

To f-r-e-e-z-e their greater selves out this particular time (on Earth.)

And it does in fact h-u-r-t… to hold their hope for honorable hostage this time. Oh, how their eyes have promised to cry

How their livid minds have forever wished to unwind

‘Skin and Gin’ – take 2 (mid-editing process and rehash into another entirely separate poem altogether)

There will (always) be ways back in – these/those wondrous and equally opinionated ways that/which have to have been (ultimately) driven by unguarded (aside unashamed) (sense of) (unashamed) circumstance.
These/those (un)characteristically(-) enhanced/(-) peoples of undeniable(-) radiance/romance and carrying with them/they bring with them/they carry with them this (uttermost)/(utterly) unstoppable hitherto(-); (perhaps) (,one might add,) a (mightily/mighty) (plagiarized) amalgamation of bone-dry wit (,perhaps)
.. (w)When its/the beating(,bleeding,) stop/start heart (again) gets placed/places itself (indiscriminately)/(mischievously) alongside (a (-) sense of) severely over-reactive comeuppance/commonly over-reactive comeuppance(, indeed.)
And/Yet ever still(,) these ‘plain white (blank) people’ will/shall (sarcastically) shush themselves/shall shush themselves to a seriously sarcastic extent (and) to the excruciating/bewildering point of complete (pre-)/(re-)awareness/(-).
(And) (all-awhile) (valiantly) attempting at (fair) whimsical pace (in failing)..
(t)To f-r-e-e-z-e their (greater) selves/themselves out this particular time (on (hurting) Earth.)
And it does (in fact) h-u-r-t(…) to hold their (handheld) hope for (honorable) hostage (this time.)Oh, how their eyes have promised/sworn themselves) to cry
… (oh, (h)How their (livid)/(-) minds have (forever) wished to (forever)/(instantly) unwind