A movement amidst utter chaotic creation – chaotic in a most mustered beautifully together sense: of smeared canvases that can AND egotistically derivative artists that shall – bind it ALL back together one thought per trained and tantalised time. The new page which will have to NEED-TO-BE written, however (the less) Smitten she HAS inadvertently become

“Wit/h this upsetting Sense of pUlSaTiNg AnD DiLapIdAteD BlIsS!”
She stores her favourite bits of creative intelligence desirably within/ her storage of mind, forever READY AND BEGGING(!) to be found; screaming “PASSIONATELY and OUT… LOUDDDDD!“

Safest to say that she’s a Dostoyevskian masterpiece and we NEED to meet her at the MIDDLE
Of her fixated delivery. Because “she is.. in ALL OF WE – moving with the times, MeAnDeRiNg with the TiDeS”

Bolstering back together her beautiful beatnik mind- and, to think, she did THIS with a loaded gun pressed against the surface of the sun

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