An ornamental influence in utter sedation… play us in, please
Tease it so softly on through via this complete darkening and dynamically juxtasupposed vitriol
Holding his tethered heartstrings at collectable pace, let it be trans-generational if we will bleed by his minds delicate lies – his racy stop/start, stand-apart heart placed gently next to Hers.
When two pairs of perfectly imperfect people usurp to make and break the detri-mental difference again
Poised play-maker pen at the ready – steadily altogether til rip-torn ‘n’ rather unjustifiably, realistically splayed all over the savoured taste
For something other than this complete downright mundane ableness
She caresses his shivering body while all awhile attempting to feed the second-handed smile from his emptied solid soul – smouldering at being incredibly nocturnal and undeniably, unpredictably, ready to roar
Pour, sweetheart… pour – on through his each and every next ventricle-d vein, please
Safest to say that he’s been waiting, whilst it’s all been getting itself to feeling a little big bit whole lot otherworldly of its own prefabricated derelict accord, indeed.
S/he breathes by the sword of white-lies one more time.

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