What if I somehow manage to sell one single poem to everyone
All and absolute sundry
And neither do they have to spend a pretty penny
Just a couple of needless notes for a few of my personalised thoughts
Indeed how nice it would be if you took a little time to think this one through
Those nearest and dearest to me certainly seem to reckon all Irish-based readers ought too
Sure I’ve ticked quite a few of you off, sought it out, but I’m afraid the number registering up inside of my head is really quite soft
Taking into account my lofty dreams, heady endeavours at attempting to make it right to the very top
The poet who ends up on everyone’s lips for decades to come
I say centuries and you’ll consider me quite greedy
Unfalteringly equipped
Perfect words, phrases that cannot, will not, be stripped however hard they try
A line or two, here and there, that drums a certain degree of unanticipated inspiration on into you
Grappled, fastened, to your favourite chair
Hangover or no hangover, I really don’t care
Either, or, I’m sure you’ll somehow manage to find your way
Ladies and gentlemen, please let me in, the wordslayer of sorts
I probably ought to know better