A peripheral vision and this bald-eagled/eyed photographer literally sees it all

He’s been meaning to photo-realistically amount to visually sent everything

And absolutely anything fair shutter-speed within

Is he really the dead man standing himself… Or is this all just a focal point of perspectived view – point in exceptional question

Who ever knew that those with enough juice to boost the whole entirety of a wishful-thinking town would have to wait for their rapturous round of applause

To cause aforementioned rapidly vivid delight and to run beautifully, altogether dutifully amuck

Already had his day,
a thousand times over
Just… That… Ironically he doesn’t quite get to see it yet

This particular poet’s been meaning to collaborate, to amount to everything

Til surrounded by meandered river sound – surround sound intensified if you might like

By all of your eyes

Together, one pressed lensed aside delicately penned step in time, they shall sow the seed and recall it all at breakneck speed