Never anticipated such an unfair share of the spoils
Embroiled in a life too ordinary altogether
A cool existence always for rent
But no such money, not to mention poor and flagging health
It all went out of the window, love lost wealth
Hopes extinguished
Everything relinquished
No opportunity to even make a decision, time and time again
The pen was running dry, only ever soiling his eyes
Hellbent on making it all up, but something needed to happen
Perhaps he need to soften his rancid stance
Exchange it with something serendipitous for sure
A dour existence, a rather jealous admittance
The humour was few and far between
Dreaming of hearty laughs, viciously wicked rumours
Felt like his potential had met an all to rearly demise
All of his glorious talents shrouded, unwittingly, miraculously disguised
These eyes were so far from golden it couldn’t but surprise him now