Masterful instances

that tend to precede momentary agony

Time again and secretively permitting themselves to work beyond the clock and above the cultural divide-intricate reawareness both decidedly and suddenly silenced

And all awhile an artist’s agitated gaze will comfortably cry. Tryhard

they will whisper it and continually ask. These confused people, fondly failing for free: “But why would it ever need to comfortably cry?”

Perhaps because that (meteoric) need for reapproval just must forever over-indulge itself and, ultimately..

predetermine absolutely Every thing else

Known to both man (AND iconoclastic WOMAN)

And, above all else, that the greatest showcase (on earth) just-must riotously remain -both terrifically bloodied and besotted by

A Life Caught Crying

All fundamental visions of fucksake rivalry inevitably winning outright electrified both intensified by mere eager might

… those blood-knuckled guitar players who catch constant creation, time again, try and poetically thrive

Whilst, everywhere else, the piano-handed people dared
To care. Since the stereotypical beginning