He knocked the whiskey back
His friends considered him disgusting
Only ever drank when the bar was black
A down and out friend shrugged, suddenly lusting

They hit the whiskey hard
Glasses on constant clink
Carry on and they’d soon be barred
It continued like this their boisterous arm-in-arm link

Faces hard as leather
Bodies light as a feather
All of the customers gasped
While li’l ol’ lady Monika laughed

The whiskey bottle took a turn for the worse
Two large drunks on constant curse
Glasses smashed
But, ever still, high-fives lashed

The counter was filthy wet
Pleads continued for them to leave
The barman yelled: “I never get to forget”
To which the absent-minded one smirked, followed by a heave

The barman held his own
Tempting them out with cheap red wine, they’d surely find their own way home

The second man roared, “Let’s go, I haven’t a dime!”

They looked about for a new drinking-hole
No use
With only a little money left over from the dole
They fell in the door smiling loose

“Where’s our drink?!” said the absent-minded one with a wink
It continued like this their boisterous arm-in-arm link