There were three of these rather radical people – each one far more prone to barbaric reoccurrence than the last
Fashioned from intricate betrayal, their fireside eyes magnetised toward the prize of a dastardly lifetime – searing heat to meet your unaccustomed awareness right by the  unsuspecting centre
Willing to do anything to wrestle to the floor time again before setting themselves haphazardly apart, a generation when certain people undeniably breathing beneath a derivatively driven nature made it an absolute art form of its perilous own to warm a thousand-and-one such cockles, then to wholeheartedly destroy another’s behemoth everything – Devil permitting, of course
I don’t suppose he holds a place at the table for me
I’ve cleansed my sabre teeth and am readied for nasty battle, seems this last laugh has been waiting an entire lifetime to cackle like crazy
This the very taste I was made to finally feel it in your every bone and not just mine