“If We Saw Ethiopia Then We DEFINITELY Saw SouthSUDAN. And IF We Saw SouthSUDAN Then We DEFINITELY Will’Ve Seen Djibouti To The NORTHEAST… .”

If it isn’t all squared-off and trashed-n-SmasHed inside of a circularly sensational mOtiOn then we’d like to sprint the other altered way plEASE. It’s

code Name: CreatOr, and he’s being tiered/TEARED with golden-faced Gideons. She’s a roundabout those parts highly classified lady of

Overtly explosive Commotions and he partakes in her games of SwItcHarooRegularity because we have to ~~ “simper silently inside of mesmerised minds.” But of it ALL: “if we did sit them all down now and portray through-out it all THE whole entire thing to them then we’d be

Running in perpetual cIrClES AGAIN… and showing all of our layabout, lopsided cards to the whole wide width of ten thousand worlds ++ happening inside of aforesaid mesmerised EYES.” Perhaps they’ve thought about the barriers we won’t wanna cross with the look of UTTER

AnGEr swIrLed_UP inside of – AGAAAAAA!N!!!! – mesmerised eyes(!) We were… kiiiiinda decent people WITHOUT BEING comedic and kinda hypocritical vErsIonS oF interspersed someones (..) So DO ******* well blame us for ALL OF EVERYTHING, “plEase… .”

You ******* guessed it… “I*******MMEDIATELY(!!)”