Going… Going… Gone!!
And the hammer comes down
It damn well had too
As it begins to pump the table at head level
It becomes immediately plain as the day that is in it to see that for this I am utterly unable
Gasps go up all in my honour, sold off oh so unforgivingly to the highest bidder
A foreign embassy all of his own accord
Seems he did indeed win his particular war with words
Posing the real questions amidst the delectable dollar signs which will forever resonate at mid-eye level
I try to smile, even so much as wave at my thief in the mid-morning debate
He thinks he is helping but really he slates me entirely
This my war-torn fate
Fire, perhaps, inside of his belly, even so much as his balls, but nothing other than a seismic degree of utter repulsion right here
I drop to the floor, cannot help but sneer
At the man and his cantaloupe, fork wedged right by its centre
Strange, and as it does turn out to be, I am the paler of the pair
And he’s bloody albino!
Next, he walks from his high king chair and whispers in a young and stolen girls ear – right out of school
“I am a terribly nice man, I ain’t no fool; l take care of you.”
Continuing to chew the fat of his land, I take his delicate hand and try to make it painstakingly clear
“I will kiss you but I will never, EVER sleep with you! This is ALL about the money you will be wiring back home to my desperate family.”
Remember this, there will ALWAYS be a girl like me x