Tempestuous tantrums, “NO THANKS”.. for basking in their own state of unofficial turmoil. We’ve dragged our broken but beautifully astute, too, (body of) BONES —- to that paralysing place of pace-filled trepidation. And it has its very own

Homespun hierarchy, indeed. She’s attempting to make “NOT A SINGLE LIVID, sEeThinG mIstAkE, please, inside of her overexcited head ((THIS TIME))… .”

Been trying to delicately-both-devotedly decipher The Piper from The BackWaRd-ThinKinG Pied FROM… THE MIDDLE-PAGE CALLED Age-old eager-filled RAGE, in fact. (And) if we really want for regularised Bouts Of Utter UnCertAinty in this rhapsodised world OF OURS then we will (specifically) need

“To be bravely prepared to make:: big BAD mother ******* ugly-Faced MistaKeS (Again)!!!” Frightening how we saw to it that Everybody Else is

Cradling their (OWN STATE OF) creative inundation NON-stop…. …. …. Annnnnnd about to watch their motormouth heads POP “back into pragmatic persuasion, please” and running around Rembrandt’s rAmbLinG clock

—- and make it HAIL “sweet mercy!!” ATOP OF THESE RIOTOUS BASTARDS OF ironclad awareness anyways — “they seem disproportionally infected by their own sense of sad-faced humour and carrying to work with them

(((Catastrophically))) Their stateless pensions anyway.” With less than enough fingerlicking coins to decide eagerly BETWEEN THEM (again)… and plenty OF ENDLESS EMOTION/S AS-WELL to anGrIlY divide – “them from YET ANOTHER mere-eager million-pound MENtion.” When we killed them so as to feed them

In equally juxtaposing motions, “please.” With our featherweight fingers for HEAVYWEIGHT blades (INSIDE OF OUR HEADS), we said that “it really didn’t need to make any sorts of secondary sense (again).” Inside of our eagerly impending OCD-heads