This string quartet = bolstered silence
musically inclined
amidst eerily prerequisite thunderstruck talent of handsomely attired theirs

Boy and girl meet boy and girl – one on one – play hearts away ’til but part of a make-believe furniture set to tweak a whole auditorium
Ten hundred peopled swallowed in equal measure and in a most frozenly supreme instance to which

Genius, then this – when everything makes sense via all sorts of no such hard-graft, in fact
Nothing but simplistic over-endeavour divulgence wherein a trembling for its homegrown worth rasping string must come first
Above all else

High-art and no-one need know the truly invaluable pain within an appears to be perfectly aligned everything at breakneck thrill

They will still it to delectable death, no less focused
while same time necking these cliche crazy pills of highly-strung theirs – ironic, truly

The utmost ironic maybe it shall ever be

Well, let us simply sit and see