Early doors in the absolute a.m.
No two ways
But They. Do. Need. To. See. The. Light. Of. Day.
No matter the relatively crass surroundings… You. Will. Need. To. Sound. All. Of. It. Right. Out.
A safe and utterly distanced degree of clout, able to remarkably assail any such unforgivable route
Now. Is. Your. Time.
So, do whatever you might like; heck, even so much as press REWIND
Feel free to send ’em entirely, and not forgetting, NEVER FORGETTING, frighteningly blind
But be oh so sure to set yourself free all over again
And remember, not everyone will take to thee…
Seems ’tis all fair dinkum when it comes to incurring the wrath of all that is relative, really
Disguised, perhaps, by a seemingly insurmountable lifetime of pain
And only now do you decide to take it haphazardly upon yourself to come raining down all round
You may well get to see these intrepid showers, whilst I, myself, must continue to dream of nothing but sunshine supreme
Indeed, I think that you will find it all to be nestled rather monstrously up inside of your mind
Ain’t no games going on here, I fear