He parked his car
Did his shopping
Filled his boot to the brim
Went for his daily workout in the gym
& now he was standing alone in SPAR
You’ll never guess who it was…
Edwin Van Der Sar!
I didn’t know what to think
As well as all of the above
His goalkeeper gloves weren’t the usual kind
They were PINK!
It certainly made me ponder
Made a few of the older kids think
He’d won everything & anything with United
The mighty reds
But looking at him now
I had to wonder
Had he lost his head?
& looking for a little more
Of the same
Some idolized footballer to
Come on up to him
He’d stand tall
Eyes on the ‘ball’
Stop the grapefruit from passing him by in the aisle
This was what would make him smile
I continued on with my shopping
Grabbed a box of cereal
My God
Back in the day this fella really had been imperial
Look at him now
Medals back-pocketed
& all he did was purchase far too many bags of rocket
Sir Alex would have been disappointed
With his 2nd best goalkeeper
‘Cos Schmeichel was the best
The rest?
They aren’t even worth a mention
Edwin Van Der SPAR
That’s what I like to call him
From that day on
Or was I wrong
Was it just a look-alike
A fella called Mike
Who wanted to mess about
For someone to pick up a grapefruit
Take a strike
Either way
I saw Edwin Van Der Sar in SPAR
That’s the story I’m sticking too
You can make up your own stories
My next embellishment will be about Rory