We seem to have somehow left our bottom-dollar thinking brains at home again; seem to have been idling the time wIlDlY(!) away awhile our sycamore smiles have softened and to the utter and ultiMATE(!!) extent —

Of disingenuoUS and, Therefore, henceforth… distanced distraction: take NONE of it back, actually

Cos, yeah, “it has possibly been ALL-OF-IT a blue-faced, Jaded and STEREOTYPICALLY a-s-h-a-m-e-d A-C-T

And we just can NOT seem to tear our tantamount and tantalised – oft now ParAlYSeD(!) – minds and M-O-N-S-T-E-R of imagination

Yet, there SHOULD be: and that way need NOT(!) have to act so very superior and outright UTTERLY(!) ulterior and associative at the same-SAME time, NOR does it EVEN w-i-s-h to do such that terribly alternative thing..

We’ve been singing for our supper’s worth every other eveningTIMENSENSATION(!!) even when our larynx starts(!) to h-u-r-t… “Like Heaven and HeAvInG(!)! HELL put UPon earth.”

Til cOURageoaUSLy set fIrE to the fLaMe YET again!!

“We will keep fighting, Tongue-in-cheek, still sparingly sparring with only ever ourselves – and s-a-v-i-n-g our favourite ((BEST)), focus-first Punches 🤛 AND blushes(!) for

the sake of these each and EVERY NEXT ONE OF THEM (and loving at-LARGE!) people, who D-A-R-E-D to act stupidly sUPerior in the 1st-place horrendoUSly improperly” ——-

AND fixated RiOtoUsLy back UPon: “only ever ThemSeLveS.”

There ain’t no need for ALL-OF-THIS committee of commotion between these peculiar people AT-ALL-ANYMORE: those toff-nosed, CHUNKY-FACED eejits with their dancing lIbiDoS C-U-T to the sword

“So, yeah… … we close our softening of eyes and SHUT w-i-d-e-OPEN The Door AGAIN(!) and t-h-i-n-k of a FAR-much-more-than-EVER-before time and A Spontaneity of prioritised(all-eyes!) plACE…

— When f*cksake egos failed to ever even get to enter the ramshackle r-a-c-e