If they asked for multi-tasks then they definitely did dodder and ask: “for the state of fast-paced bravado.” She’s as slow on the UPtake as an upside-down person is at finding their uNpRofEssIonAl BaLleT feet again.

Furious is how we went into yet another day of dealing with the SAME state of lopsided denial. Her all-smiles mind really seems relatively OK today, as opposed to IT having been

Seemingly InSaNe. “Watching her watch the others understand the cards and the hands that they’ve been played really is its own good-gawd-game of influential awareness. “All too impressed at how she

Developed her own state of stage-first AWARENESS, actually, as the people with an OVER-EAGER flow of flowers in their dreadlocked RED-hair stared at the

Way they went and did these egotistical things and with a twist of their kissed lip.” We weren’t ever aware as to the utter —

Disintegration of that community-of-mind anyhow. She’s finding it all a little-big-bit off-centre albeit Also this…

Tenderly and take-it-easy: “self-preparatory thing.” Which will CARRY ITS OWN STORY which swims within the scintillated strings

of her singing soul someMORE. And if we have to hope for anything again then we shall HOPE FOR TOTAL –

DEDICATION-at-DaWn— and however the fucksake it bReaKs