He watches you all while breaking a tremendous sweat to simply stay upright awares – if only you saw whatever it is he might see

Nobody could ever ask for anything less…

This has been plain-right ludicrous – a mind minus this and bliss takes upon its high-fired self whole new meaning

– you gave me everything and set it heart-breakingly, petrifyingly, aflame –

I did nothing to you, all of it for you… so, answer me one last question, please, why won’t you simply die!?

And we’ve experienced all of these smiles – frontage with pile-drive, humour-thrilled, devil-may-care existence amidst an unasked for irrational non-entity
Nothing else for it
He just wasn’t wholly there…

Tie him in and never let go to release
Albeit, he is relatively blessed by his very own backbone, which shall tremble no less agonised beneath this elephant which gathers it’s raptor-puppeteered stock at every corner of each and other rooms

A paradoxical mindbender/outlandish imagination over-creator that will seemingly never cease to release the pandersome and unfathomably wrapped demon – it’s fingers are imbedded by the naked brain, done everything it said it could and far more

And, yet, the knock upon that tantalised til problematically crept ajar door will only ever be a no-brainer of its own, taking over a whole land-escaped procedure

He is one hundred percent perfect/false-numbers-pummelled by this dictatorial lock which attempts at ease to build behemothly stressed mountains from pretty little pockmarked, -sparked, molehills, and, still, it relentlessly persists

Even as he sleeps
Do not question this man’s underlying intellectuality, one simple sentence and he shall take you down and intricately twist your empty mind from life, place wildfire in your deadpan eyes, with the same sense of deluded confusion instigated by these hopscotch words

Of his

Anything goes
Your best is in fact his worst, even if this is utter frustration speaking, and he knows such a telling thing even when his worst hurts like hell – no room for eyesoar errors when all you ever wished for was to make beautiful mistakes like the rest of them