She earned and, awhile, all SMILES have become unequivocal in their own worth, and the level of SCINTILLATED conversation does indeed tend to break bend-over BACKWARD boulders! Or, so it does INDEED appear to SEEM: Colloquial AND by ALL terms of Everlasting endearment and Other MisunderSTOOD UpRiGhT kind-a THINGS!

As these SUDDENLY s-o-f-t-l-y suggestions INITIALLY move AND s-p-r-i-n-t and MEANINGFULLY meander… til SELF-taught-both-TANTALIZED in EQUAL MEASUREMENT, perhaps.

And they WILL begin to B-E-G-I-N… To finALLy feel oh, so Mother effing imPROPERLY… REAL & write THIS TIME!? She might have been slighted, she might have even been TOUCHED.. but her whole-wide-Worth has never amounted to SO MUCH

“And preciously Put Upon this Eagerly Earth!”