The day that was in it could not have been more perfect
For it’s flaws as well as it’s gracious surroundings
The people, the places, even the cross-dresser who tricked a few too many
A pretty thing cycling a penny
I smiled, took a sip and talked, ’til talking was the last thing that we wanted to do
Seems we just knew that everything was going to be okay
Sure there have been better days, but not in my oh so humble opinion
If this was winning then I was happy out to let it unravel some more
I had to do it though, didn’t I? Had to floor that God awful bottle of bourbon
Paramount decisions
Bubbling it was, to a point of no real return, oh how we earned our every stripe that night
A following morning hangover – what appears to be entirely the opposite of sober
Delightfully placated by a past evening’s serendipitous quips to beat the band
Seems you have a hand in everything