The tide was roaring, his fame beginning to soar all the more
He would sit it out, wait and see if the people who had been watching from the very beginning were always going be there
He smiled hard, put plain and simple, he was getting by on one mighty fine wing and a prayer
Crusty-eyed owing to all of the writing, a fictional world slowly but surely turning its attention over to reality
The way it needs to be, really
Naturally, seeing as this was something he’d sought for so very long
And now he had a back-catalogue quite possibly up there with the most plaudited, stronger than goddamn strong
If he does decide to go back then there will always be something wrong, this is where making fantastic mistakes comes in
Letting things happen at will, he peers over his right shoulder, opts upon dropping a pill, the right kind of pill this time, one which will keep him well and truly fastened to the here and now, a necessary kind of still
The way it needs to be, really
Enough pain to write the right kind of dialogue that cannot but have the main character complain in the most believable way possible
Always prepared to stand tall when it comes to waxing lyrical about this, about that
But less now about where he may have been, where his mind had once forced him to sit it out for far too long a time, trembling to the last, fragmented wits