Soon as a sense of significance and utter emotional turmoil
begins to unanimously overwhelm her argumentative body again,
and an amorously agonised reattachment happens amidst utter and deplorable restoration
that shall both can ultimately shake the bones of her barley –
yes, some people will witness the weight of her far-reaching appeal, appears to be, what these other peripheral individuals truly fully surely cannot see for themselves anymore amidst this uproar and cantankerous sound of sophomore applause
Her acts of altruistic mannerism seem to have resolutely restored themselves within
the realms of their intimate and untimely complete commonplace comeuppance
Montrous moments of fucksake and shudder-to-shatter which shall have to stand
to culpable reasoning again,
to take themselves at ransacked ransom –
that unprecedented necessity to pull these ‘quintessential’ people back from the unthinkable brink.

Peripheral, indeed
To dabble, flick and TWIST…
is to invite and envelope wholly the painter’s warbling of flitting flirting fighting wrist
which works malcontent wonders and it DOES, does, does work wonders,
wonder and wander
for a fair while

Until the nasty nature of the whole wide-eyed and interspersed universe shall
have to affably ask
For the shape
of her disgraced, disgruntled hand back. Yes, she has been sitting here with her tears put upon fire,
fears put towards the fore. and fully fighting for the survival
of everyone else put upon this hurting Earth all over again