So I stopped what I was doing
& went for a pint
With a friend
In the park
A bottle of beer
We watched the
Women from the gym walk on by
Two goons with prying eyes
Talked about everything
& anything
Mike tried to sing
That song about
Big butts
You know the one…
& if you don’t
Gimme a shout
& I’ll tell you
What I’m on about
Other than that
We smoked a cigarette
& decided what we’d have for the dinner
Went for a burger & chips
My gym instructor will
Curse & call me
A sinner
Followed by more pints
In the park
Bottles of beer
‘Til I got a phone call
From my drunk & disorderly father
Off home with me
To put him to bed
Looking after him is tough
When you’re fairly drunk
& your girlfriend’s up the duff
Things tend to play on the mind
So life’s rough