A detrimental attempt – sizeable aside altogether fair tempestuous

She did her damndest to perch to press her chest of fluttering allstars against this, her finest, most exact dream

He’s been sitting, eating, watching, waiting

For fate to steal her seashell-esque ear – where his very own replica dreams will settle to sleep to creep subtly, rather suggestively on into every echoic meaning

They’ve been reeling the pair of them – from past paltry reoccurring, quite typically misgiving instances, when it takes to terrifically bending at soliloquy will to turn on a one-eighty degree dime-sized wheel

To kneel right by her beautifully brogued feet

Retreat, retreat ’til we smile and meet within the circumferenced middle where the equator sedates us together again – touched upon almost ethereal

Where past wayside divers fail to finally breathe to deliver

Find Me When Needs Be and keep this ring for keeps