This won’t appear necessary to most people at all, of course. But for an OCD sufferer, what I am looking to achieve is a way – just as the title attains to – to trick that imbalanced part in the whole OCD debacle of the brain into… somehow… being able to live in a manner as close to the pattern of thoughts which a non-OCD brain gets to live with. To do this, for myself and many other sufferers, I know that I will need to focus and concentrate on, as best I can, letting the imbalance entirely be there, in my brain, however much my mind may end up not being able to help itself in needing to relieve the false anxiety patterns that, for many sufferers, do instantaneously occur. To give the OCD sufferer, however chronic or otherwise their disorder is and has been, a surefire way, let’s say, to apply this trick of the mind I am looking to come up with to our brains, or mind at least, if that is really the only part which we really can get ourselves to truly control. How? I dunno yet, but I am backing myself of a Sunday lunchtime, and so on, in coming up with something extremely worth its weight in mental manipulation, let’s call it for now 😊