Sink to swim

To breathe


These miniature everybody’s know nothing much, do they though

Propose to bend your jaundiced face up against

the serious underbelly of sensationalised suicide -where losers go to cope where winners feed at ego-driven will

’til still a hundred
-million tail-wagging individual afterthoughts of only so much as theirs

we’ve been swimming in crazed circles at fastidious pace – a face to glass-partitioned face disgrace

to pour on out of here

immediately, please

to only ever grace one another’s shock-absorbed company, they reel us in by the twisted seams when the very least on our six-second memory fixture list

to lean sentimentally on in, poisoned right by our very own kind of orange-weather warning extraordinaire

this storm occurred before we ever got to turn these whirlpool water-tornados to liquid gold dust of their petty own

if we must go again, then we will resume to presume to remain pretty little pretenders with misshapen speech-bubbles floating bravely amidst