We are deeming themselves to be these extracurricular individuals dividing their mammoth time intricately between – being here, there, and UTTERLY everywhere. And these pretty little people DO indeed appear…

DOWNbEaT and driven to the end of their antagonised tether —-

Whilst silent AND simultaneously they remain… wide-eyed and -eared and utterly-both-bodaciously prepared

To take their next deepest, darkest of dEaThLieSt breath – they’ve EVEN WHIMSICALLY watched their mother’s mother’s MOTHER die WITH HER EYES WIDE… shut

They’ve even very-much-so generationALLy antagonised petrified eyes, and EARS — and all things humanistic and playfully arranged

Right by the iconic witnessing of a sophisticated painting put miraculously back together Again—
For free. “Actually”