I do see people, sometimes like
When I’m writing, perhaps
They just seem to come on into my vision – peripheral at first, then a blood-curdling thirst
Ready to play havoc up inside of my mind – addled entirely
In the beginning I thought it was just my imagination working overtime, but when they started to talk back that’s when I knew I may have managed to lose it
Just so you know, these people are dead…
Can you even begin to imagine the dread that I feel every other morning on falling right from my bed? Wrong side altogether
These people, they just seem to want to wreak havoc all over again, oh so early in the AM
Ply me with unnecessary amounts of misery that nobody else can see
Informing me to try and write them right on out of my life, to meet them halfway
Either way it’ll turn out to be a dark and eerie dust track, I needing to run like hell ’til I somehow manage to flee this particular mental gun
So, to make a long story short, this is where I do get all of THOSE stories, just in case you might have been wondering to yourself
Never, ever look too long over your shoulder
Trust me!