They dress him on up to the undeniable hilt, no quitting his utter need to make an incredible difference – extremely telling altogether
Seems he’s been waiting for just this, to play the game the only known way that he can
Handsome and all kinds of dastardly, willing to up-sticks if needs be
These mesmerising tricks stored bewilderingly within shall turn out to be rather ferocious for their wanton nature alone
No stranger to absolutely making it up as he carefully goes along – ’tis the intricate fiction which swims like dangerous sorts of poison, two sides to that particularly precarious coin
We will wait oh so patiently for him to hit these heavy heights again, to remain forever and an advantageous day on song
Then, and only then, there’ll be no steering him wrong from here on in – resilience his most lucrative weapon, the ammunition to set him wholeheartedly apart
So long as he has the heart to persevere like no-one’s business, rest-assured this will be harder than anything he could ever imagine