“Outright unannounced and equALLy WeLl Electrified!!” By The might of… s-o-f-t-l-y suggested –

Frankenstein: Namely inside of her bothersome b-r-a-i-n, “Yes! It does INDEED tend to REIN-IN all of these open-closed TAB BARS AGAIN! No. Such. Gaining. Whatsoever

AT-ALL, ACTUA.LLY… matter of barefaced fACT! The TALLest O-R-D-E-R k(NO)wn to ANY man AND woMAN

Like as though (toUGH, too!! HELL, Y-E-S!!) a COMMONPLACE and s–c—a—t—t—e—r-C–r—A–S–h–E–D computer put-UPon F-I-R-E. Whenever, REALLY.. all of its systems run ’til sporadicALLy interspersed and S—–p—r—-i—-n—-t—-e——d improperly and at petrified P—–A—-C—-E… …

And at… the EXACT same (SANE!!) time. Outlandish. “And, YES, she HAS been specifically-and-spectacularly conned and CONfined to this ONE such Jaded and Tired, oft-than-NOT(!) tEsTed scenario

— of Scenic Agony ABOVE-ALL-ELSE!”

Yes…. she will whisper it so well – – “Ocd… (deep bReATh!) … in a fucked-UP NuTsHeLl!!!!

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