If we knew of the Neanderthals AT THE BACK then we definitely most certainly – PROBABLY – knew

Of a “PHEW!” Too many = self-proclaiming imbeciles:: with their whimsical and ready… steady… … “GOOOOOOOO(!!)” w!TS impending, to send ‘em upwardly insane. It’s highly likely that she’s been likened to All Lens~Of~Life people, and if she sees

__ a purely problem in the aforeSAID ready… steady… m!x then she may as well’Ve anticipated the Seriously Searing Sooth-Her-M!nd sEdaTiOn of the Age: Old… and awaiting… “the very next Century of gold-digging antiheroes, in=DEED(!)”

When she feels about as goodGOd_GoD!Va as can’Ve naturally been— “and we feel… the SAME(!) lEvEL oF felt feelings.” Of having had enough now, plEASE. When it is merely juMbLeD_UP and k!!!!!!nda ALL KINDSA cHaOt!cAllY impossible too, to be a few-too-many of the EXACT-SAME-INDIVIDUAL-NEANDERTHALS and LEFT TO SAY-AND-SELL-THEIR-VERY-OWN-V!$!ONARY-both-CAUTIONARY-tale motivational Mouth PIECES.

When we’ve NECESSARILY tended to turning-down all of our GoodGaWD guns… … IMMEDIATELY, plEASE…

“and running in a million terrifically sporadic and Man!C-faced dIreCTionS actually” – these highly anticipated afterthoughts which REALLY-both-regularly {all} ought to cease to co~EX!ST and EVENTually exit – and superstitiously – “LEFT-of-CENTralised dIsHeVeLLmEnT, please.”