She seems to know where to go and there surely can be no stopping her now.

So if I stand in front of your peripheral vision will you relinquish all of these sorely sworn fears?

I’ve been waiting for all of you and we shall envelope like tasteful crazy…

Lean in and nestle yourself right by my kindly prioritised eyes and suddenly realise my inability to be anything other than simply vision-worthy

“You see me, right?”

“Mr. Writer, why don’t you tell me like it is… Why don’t you tell me like it really is?”

He’s been fabricating the whole damn deliciously implemented thing, brought to life from knife-edge dereliction

These precariously stressed syllables,
and his mix is just… this living, loving, behemothly-pressed-softly-against-our-better-senses rather altogether giving thing

Indeed we do feed by his alabaster ego

Been up all of the sophomore night trying to catch quickfire unite