What the peculiar boy in the wine blazer put to me today
“Have you made it?”
No, not so much
I, the writer and, as ever, this pen my final crutch
He may indeed have been working but, nonetheless, he decided to sit this one out
Find some truth to the route of my particular sitation
“A win-win then,” or so he said
That he’d take the heady reputation about to befall me over the awesome money that I do seem to dream of being eventually fed
Rather wise for his time, perhaps
Albeit a little or a lot left of centre, daft, when it comes to the more probbing matter right this minute of settling down to his part-time job
When I catch his boss’ s eye, I feel a pinch of pride beneath an avalanche of necessity to put a size 11 foot to this particular 4th year’s ass
Point him right back toward serving coffee to the oh so eager clientele
Or else he’ll get to spend a spell out back gaining an absolute earache of a far more telling kind
Speak you again, dear boy
The name’s Brian, and no, not the rugby player
I’ve an entirely different kind of people to tame