The surface of her perfectly contoured face brings him back to a place of rhythmic reasoning all over again – to kiss, to climb, to fall serendipitously within a pulsating inch of his better and bolstered being

The unravel to unwind of an avid explorer’s lifetime

All of his favourite utensils, magical mechanisms for his very best friend
They’ve been closing their tiresome eyes off to the screams of their hot-wired minds whilst watching the whispering world go endlessly by – as gently as can utterly be otherworldly imagined

Hand-in-hand : towing the balanced line between love aside corrupt and contagious lust
A must, to have and to forever hold … Cherish the other person’s less favourite traits and start to make it all happen and so suddenly soon as the moon and the sun intertwine right by the meddling middle

Of a life less ordinary, as extraordinarily delightful, entirely comparable to the sparkle in her honey blue hue eyes – see it for yourself, she’s been waiting with fate for her very best friend

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