To the nines and asking— no, begging!! —to beneficially be freed (and) at a pace of pure (and) precious industry (this time). Rather-although, an audience (of puerile people) / member shall have to (need to) know

But/Yet, (just) how upon the fractured parts of a (sincerely)/(heavily) hurtling and resurfacing (and hurtling) earth…

Can/Shall/Will the (nerves/reverberations/the brave nerves of an artist reverberate and bravely cause) / shall the (agonized) artist’s bravest nerves(…) reverberate //T/to gather and grow) (of) a Method actor’s/their spontaneity (to) (g-a-t-h-e-r and) GROW!!

Perhaps, maybe…even so – only an artist’s valiant agony will ever (wholly) know?