On £100’000 a week
Life seems oh so simple
For the world’s most flamboyant footballer
Mornings training hard – when he’s not playing with his iPad
Or throwing darts at youth players
The remainder of the day flittering his ‘hard-earned’ cash away
Quality suits by Armani
Memorable meals at Jamie Oliver’s
A table always reserved
Before hitting hotspot ‘Heaven’ for cocktails
Too many escorts to count
The media takes it easy on their national treasure
He’s all they have
The talent will prevail
No matter whom he chooses to nail
Whether out on the pitch
Doing his thing
Or painting the skyline firework red
Something about him
His lifestyle, those looks
That talent
Keeps his name in your head
Jealous people every which way he turns
Looking to gain from his game
But he’ll play things the way only he knows
Despite all the furore
Turns out to be one of those old-school pros