Hello? Is that Mr. O’ Driscoll?
You must be looking for my Dad
Hang on a minute
And I’ll get him
No, I think you’re mistaken
This is Mrs. Rowntree
I’m calling you about
Your poems
Oh really
We’d like to
Offer you a book deal
Oh really
Yes, really
How do you feel about that?
I feel fine
What I mean is
I feel f**king great
About that
Less of the cursing I think
Our editor can’t handle it
But I like to curse
It’s more truthful
Don’t you think
No, I don’t, Mr. O’ Driscoll
OK then
Well I have to curse
Or else I’m out
You’ll throw away the chance
Of a lifetime
Over whether or not you can curse?
Indeed I f**king will
Goodbye Mr. O’ Driscoll
Goodbye Mrs. Rowntree