Unbelievably interested in something or another – this is her and she will work vigorously hard to make herself seen by all to be

And we wish to witness her undeniably fixated upon masterstroke – poke fun at her, do whichever you might prefer

Yet, she will wear her prettiest known party-dress, formed from passion-edged perfection
For her Elizabeth Arden made-up face shall taste all of your heavenly handsome features

Her lipstick is blissfully equipped to silence your momentary everything

No less vilified for it, by these swarmed to gain a mere mention amidst hoped for eagle-eyed attention ladies-in-waiting

The most unforgettably radiant thing that we may have ever seen

And it all starts to make utterly perfect sense again – this Pen knows no known bounds, for it sees something in absolutely anything

And the penny stops to drop… and he makes her all of his, finally