If it ain’t original then don’t they dare won’t (REALLY) wanna fix it(, indeed). They’ve desired a hundred-million (prosperous) events (living) inside of considerate heads. They’ve (even) reached back beyond (the behind of) everyone else’s state of sedated SeRenItY (yet) (again) and —

Shock-absorbed THE SH!T OUT OF ALL OF EVERYthing! “She’s a Mississippi mud-bath of a person and (ONLY) (EVER… never!!) one man’s SuddenMost girl.” When the going gets ITSELF… and the tough does NOT relent (EVER-AGAIN)… … that is (precisely) when —

“We all make.. mesmeric SeNsE.” In the talk of the DAFTly Ol’ city she’s been imagining a colloquial-faced ScenArio actually, and we’ve (even) “ran into (ALL-OF) these burning buildings anyway (and) with our hot-wired wits —

SPL!T!!” And IMMEDIATELY begging for delicate-Both-DEDICATED delirium