Her sexily pressed dress is a little bit peculiar, perhaps perfectly so – blindingly, rather fashionably aligned aside all kinds of far superior
A brand new and ravishing Jamie gray handbag to tag herself just downright stand apart sensational
And then, the absolute right man strolled fair nonchalantly on in, suddenly touching the gladragged church of her inner beauty with his every single flagrantly rehearsed word – these poetically preached whispers leant near a bejeweled ear don’t come easy to him
To stir something altogether sentimental within
Absurd the friendly-fire he holds rather adoringly, standalone notoriously inside
These shine-bright blue ocean-like eyes have been fair tapestried, felt their particular pain to stretch a million mighty lagoons deep
Yet finally readied aside magnificently prepared for that manically magic moment to suddenly, oh so serendipitiusly, envelope then caress his every living, breathing thing
Hers as well as his, perhaps